Tuesday, March 20, 2018

WhatsRemoved to restore deleted messages on WhatsApp

WhatsRemoved to restore deleted messages on WhatsApp

After WhatsApp released the Delete for Everyone feature from both the sender and the receiver at the same time, a feature that many users of this IM application waited for, there were many tricks to recover deleted messages from Whatsapp , You will be able to warn messages permanently from the sender, and the same idea came WhatsRemoved, which can keep the messages that are deleted, and thus can be accessed and restored at any time.
The WhatsRemoved application keeps text messages, voice messages, videos, and images immediately after they reach the device, and is therefore easily accessible even if the sender has deleted them from the sending console.
WhatsRemoved apk will alert you to the message that the message has been deleted, from him.
This application, which caused a stir in the ranks of those who liked the feature deleted messages sent, not only stops work when retaining text messages, but can also restore voice messages, images and videos, and also supports finding deleted messages even in groups.
Because users are concerned about their privacy and are afraid of such applications to exploit their messages for other purposes, the WhatsRemoved application authors said that their message data is not kept and does not use it for side effects. They also provided three different options to choose from, Accessing notifications and files together helps the application to allow the ability to check messages and deleted files, or the second option that gives the app access to notifications only and only detects deleted messages, and the third option only access files and reveal files Deleted without the knowledge of the sent.
The WhatsRemoved application can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Play Store, note that it supports Android 4.4 and newer.
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